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Latest news and updates from The Ironing Shop

Men’s Tailoring Trends for 2019

Over-sized tailoring is set to be a big trend for men’s fashion this year. We have expert tailoring services at very reasonable prices, so we can make sure you look your best and your suit fits you perfectly (or oversized if you wish!!). Click the link below for the...

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Simple Laundry Hacks!

In this modern, fast paced world we are all super busy. Laundry is that chore that is always in the has to be done. Regardless of how much work you have to do, how much mess the kids have made, which of your child's hobbies you have to provide a taxi...

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Which Clothes Should You Always Dry Clean?

Which clothing items should you always dry clean and which can you clean yourself? Ironing Service We recommend you always follow the washing instructions on the label, if it says dry clean only.... then don’t ignore it and put your garment at risk! Click the link to...

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Eco-friendly Laundry Tips!

Eco- friendly laundry tips that are kinder to the planet. You could also reduce the usage of your water and appliances by sending it to us! Check out the link before for lots of ideas on reducing your impact on the planet when doing laundry:...

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Are You Ironing Wrong?

Are You Ironing Wrong?

Here are some top tips and tricks to making sure you are ironing correctly! Don't forget that you can guarantee that your garments will be ironed properly by bringing them to our experts! Head over to the special offers section of our website to see our latest ironing...

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Complete Guide to Ironing Dress Pants

Complete Guide To Ironing Dress Pants? Check out this article on how to iron dress pants! Although this is supposedly part of a complete guide to ironing... we have to say that if you really want to look sharp... leave it to the professionals! We are more than happy...

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